Exhibition history

Exhibition history


Origin of SIGN CHINA

The exhibition was held from April 2 to 5 at Guangzhou Gymnasium, with 121 companies participated, even under the shadow of SARS, the epidemic.

Exhibition history


The show was relocated to Chinese Export Commodities Fair Liuhua Complex an held in every March ever since. Together with the first NEON SHOW and PHOTGEX, 181 exhibitors participated in the event.

Exhibition history


Origin of LED CHINA- the first exhibition of LED based products in the world

Igniting the first contact between classic signage and digital signage

The first organization in Guangzhou to hold the event across two different venues, but with better segmentation of exhibiting products

Exhibits in Liuhua Complex: LED, neon sign, engraver and laser machine, signage/light box/POP

Exhibits in Jinhan Exhibition Center: large format printer, desktop printer and printing consumable, photographic and digital imaging

Two venues of five product sectors with exhibitor number soaring to 431, which became quite a story in the sign community.

Exhibition history


The participation of the first leading enterprises of LED display built a solid foundation for LED CHINA

As the new advertisement carrier, LED display won unanimous recognition from outdoor media and advertisers for its energy efficiency, environment protection, and perfect combination of audio, light, shape, colour and dynamic. The participation of Liantronics, Unilumin, Absen, LAMP and other leading enterprises of LED display, build a solid foundation for LED CHINA. The exhibitor number of the show reached 544, attracting 38,433 visitors to join.

Exhibition history


Debut of the first and unique deluxe shell stan

The exhibition received wide attention and recognition from various industries. The number of exhibitors continued to rise to 708, and the number of visitors reached 40,378.

Exhibition history


Rapid expansion and relocation to Pazhou Complex

The opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games was the first time to show the beauty of China to the world with LED displays, promote the development wave of LED displays have been applied to outdoors such as the World Cup, NBA, World Expo, the Asian Games, G20,etc. There is no doubt that LED display has become the leading role for large scale events, commercial performance and city lighting projects.

At the same time, as the rapid expansion of exhibition scale, SIGN CHINA, LED CHINA and NEON SHOW were relocated to Pazhou Complex, the most advanced exhibition hall in Asia at that time. In 2008, the number of exhibitors was up to 803 and the visitor number was 40,648.

Exhibition history


Keep stable in the face of financial crisis

Despite the global financial crisis struck in 2008, no directly impact was made to the sign and LED industry, except the shrinking of desktop printing industry. The number of exhibitors remained at 806, while the number of visitors reached 46,015.

Exhibition history


Joint Venture with UK listed company UBM

In order to bring SIGN CHINA and LED CHINA to a more international stage, Trust Exhibition Co., Ltd successfully cooperated with UBM, a UK listed company, UBM Trust Co., Ltd. With the global influence and advanced management experience from UBM, the exhibition has stepped into a steady progress period.

The number of exhibitors rose to 1,006 and the visitor number reached 49,674.

Exhibition history


LED CHINA has become to the world’s preeminent LED exhibition

The scale of LED CHINA has doubled compared to the previous edition, showcasing the most complete LED industry chain from LED chips, LED packaging, LED equipment to LED lighting, LED display and LED illuminant.

The number of exhibitors soared up to 1,237, with visitor number up to 59,819.

Exhibition history


Progressing steadily during the financial crisis

Under severe circumstance such as market recession and global financial crisis, participation in exhibition was an important way to show the brand stability. In 2012, the number of exhibitors was 1,325 and the number of visitors was 62,910. But in 2013, even when the market was still under a slow recovery, the number of exhibitors ascended to 1,530 with an unprecedented visitor number of 77,182.

Exhibition history


SIGN & LED CHINA became one of the most influential exhibitions in the world

While China’s manufacturing industry was growing rapidly, the development of advertising signage, LED display and lighting was boosting as well.

In 2014, 1,583 companies participated in the show, while 1,083 of them were in fact LED companies. The number of visitors rocketed up to 88,502, where 12,773 of them coming from 167 overseas countries and regions, making SIGN CHINA and LED CHINA one of the most influential exhibitions around the world.

Exhibition history


Relocating to Shanghai, an upgrade to an international finance center

In order to comply with the national call of industrial upgrade, to improve the international influence of the exhibition and to better promote the branding of exhibitors, SIGN CHINA and LED CHINA was strategically and successfully relocated to Shanghai New International Expo Center and was re-scheduled to be held in every September.

Exhibition history


Debut of O2O2O, a combination exhibition + internet

Launched by UBM and Alibaba B2B sector, the online-offline-online trading platform, O2O2O, made its debut during SIGN CHINA & LED CHINA 2016. This Integration was aimed to offer more business opportunities for exhibitors and buyers, both online and offline.

Exhibition history


Unveiled the first Future Sign Academy Summit & Innovation Theatre

The Sign and Advertising Industry Survey Report was released during the first FSA annual summit. Meanwhile, Innovation Theatre gathered dozens of advertising signage and LED companies for new product release and sharing of innovation. Both events were highly praised by the attendances.

Exhibition history Exhibition history


Introducing China International Advertising Festival Awards

Introducing the first SIGN & LED Industry Museum


Except for the fascinating exhibits of classic advertising signage, digital display and digital signage, participants can attend the 2nd FSA annual summit, China International Advertising Festival Awards shortlisted winner showcase and SIGN & LED Industry Museum. All of which will definitely worth your visit.

In 2018, 984 companies exhibited at the show. 33,624 visitors participated, where 5,043 of them coming from 121 overseas countries and regions. SIGN & LED CHINA has been attracting oversea buyers from over 110 countries and regions. SIGN

Exhibition history


SIGN & LED CHINA in Shenzhen

The First Successful Launch

In response to the policy of “The Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao Greater Bay Area”, SIGN CHINA has a new exhibition in Shenzhen, the leading economic city in China. Shenzhen and its surrounding cities are the distribution center of traditional advertising signage, LED and digital signage. It’s very easy for visitors to visit exhibitors onsite and then their factories which are just nearby. SIGN & LED CHINA Shenzhen also conformed to local advantages and making itself a leading global event of top-notch traditional sign and the most complete LED industry chain & digital signage.

Exhibition history


SIGN & LED CHINA in Shanghai

Brand Upgrade

UBM Trust put forward the concept of commercial Display, which is highly integrated by SIGN CHINA, LED CHINA, DIGITAL SIGNAGE, Commercial Display & Integrated System, Retail China and LDI China, with an ultimate goal of providing more business opportunities and application solutions for the industries of sign, advertising, LED and digital signage.

Exhibition history Exhibition history



9.1-3 Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center


9.17-19 Shanghai New International Expo Centre