How to Access SIGN CHINA Live Online Webcast

How to Access SIGN CHINA Live Online Webcast
SIGN CHINA Live Online Webcast is a digital solution for everyone who are eager to join the physical SIGN CHINA 2020 but couldn’t. It’s a robust online exhibitor showroom, where you can search and lookup the full list of SIGN CHINA exhibitors, check out their latest products, understand how you can operation a specific machine or how to apply a specific material through exhibitors’ video or live streaming.
Ready to start experiencing the platform? You can start by registering to attend SIGN CHINA Live Online Webcast here.
The following screenshots is aimed to walk you through the whole process on how to access the platform.
  Step 1.   
Please click to register here if you haven’t already.
Remember to use consistent email address for registration and platform log-in.
If you already registered, simply click here to reclaim your proof and access the platform from here.
  Step 2.   
If you wish to join the Online Webcast alone, the system won’t ask for your passport information.
However, if you plan to show-up onsite and attend the physical show, your passport information is required from the local government and regulatory authorities.
  Step 3.   
After completing the registration, you can click the button “Go to Online Webcast Now” to access the platform right away.
Alternatively, you can also click “Upgrade to VIP Buyer”. We will contact you shortly for more visitor services going forward.
After clicking “Go to Online Webcast Now”, you are ready to play around the platform and search all the exhibitors or products that you are looking for. But of course, if you don’t have any specific products in mind, you can still enjoy all the Live Streaming or video that our exhibitors have provided. Try it out now and enjoy!
The Online Webcast User Manual can be found here.
If you encounter any technical issue, or, if you have any questions and concerns,
please feel free to reach out.

Anna Pan
T: 86-20-38106261 ext. 827