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SIGN CHINA 2023 will be held from September 4th to 6th at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, co-located with the LED CHINA 2023 and Digital Signage China. 400 leading enterprises set to unveil industry-leading new products for you ! >Click here to register for free.

Creative 3D Matrix Display

LED Matrix Display is an innovative LED display system. Each LED module is equipped with a motorized sliding mechanism, allowing for controlled expansion and contraction of the screen. This versatile technology finds extensive applications in various settings such as large-scale events, press conferences, corporate meetings, exhibitions, performances, parties, shopping malls, hotels, airports, train stations, business halls, shopping centers, science museums, exhibition halls, and museums.

Comprising multiple independent LED small display modules, the matrix screen offers individual control over each unit. By leveraging digital motion, visual synchronization, and multi-machine broadcasting technologies, it enables dynamic movements like concave-convex floating and forward-backward expansion. With the assistance of a programmable motion system, the matrix screen can create captivating shapes, immersive sensory experiences, and deliver a truly unique visual impact.

Undoubtedly, LED matrix display serves as a prominent showcase for central cities and a cutting-edge representation of corporate brands. Moreover, it inspires novel perspectives for urban landscape lighting transformations and outdoor advertising designs.

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