The Asian Games 2023 to Reveal Highlights in LED Screen, AR/3D Solutions, and More

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The Asian Games 2023 started with a captivating opening ceremony at Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium in China. The ceremony showcased groundbreaking visuals through digital technology, emphasizing the sustainable and digitally enhanced future of such events. The Games also unveiled highlights and breakthroughs in LED display, AR, naked-eye 3D, AI, and more.

Highlight #1

Large LED Screen to Create Immersive Experience

A giant curtain screen the size of nine IMAX screens, along with the floor screen, produced a mesmerizing naked-eye 3D effect. The captivating landscapes of Zhijiang came alive the 3D technology, creating surreal scenes with enchanting lighting and shadows.

Highlight #2

3D and VR/AR to Lead in Enhancing Digital Tech and Green Energy

The ceremony featured eco-friendly and captivating digital fireworks. The visual effects team used 3D virtual firework explosions, seamlessly integrated them with video footage using AR technology, and achieved realistic light and shadow effects. Moreover, the visual technologies provided a rare top-down view of the fireworks, challenging to capture with real explosions.

The lighting of the cauldron was the highlight of the two-hour ceremony. Instead of lighting a real cauldron, an innovative process began with a Transformer-like digital figure – made up of over 100 million virtual sparks, each representing a participant of the online torch relay - running through the streets of Hangzhou before crossing the Qiantangjing River in a few giant strides before entering the stadium to light the cauldron.

Highlight #3

Stage Lighting to Transform Large Sports Venue

Multiple lighting companies ensured a smooth Asian Games opening ceremony, seamlessly integrating Hangzhou's landscapes, history, and the games' spirit with high-quality lighting products for a visually stunning experience. To control the lighting fixtures precisely, 8 grandMA3 full-size consoles were used - 4 main and 4 backup, dividing over 4,000 fixtures and nearly 120,000 parameters into two sessions for different areas.

Highlight #4

E-sports to Take Spotlight in the Sport Market


The inclusion of Esports as a medal event at the Hangzhou Asian Games is a landmark moment. It signifies the recognition of Esports as a mainstream sport and is a significant step forward. As one of the fastest-growing industries globally, the inclusion of Esports in this prestigious event highlights its increasing acceptance and popularity.


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