The Enchanting Fusion of Traditional and Digital Signage at the Asia Games 2023

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The Asian Games 2023, powered by digital technology, unveils a sustainable and digitally enhanced future for sporting events in Hangzhou. On the other hand, traditional elements such as adhesive vinyl, LED-illuminated creative signage, and delicate metal souvenir also added to the perfect scene. Discover them all with us now!
 LED illumination, self-adhesive vinyl, metal signage, and more  
- LED-Illuminated Traffic Lights with Mascots Add to Atmosphere of the Asian Games -
A series of special traffic lights designed with the three mascots of the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, were unveiled at the Asian Games Village. Images of the three adorable mascots have replaced the original human figures on some traffic signs.
- Stunning Appearance of Asian Games Vehicles with Themed Self-Adhesive Vinyl -
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The Asian Games-themed Fuxing intelligent electric multiple unit (EMU) and local buses are coated in Rainbow Purple, a dominant color for the event, and decorated with patterns of the emblem, slogan and sports pictograms.
- Themed Lightboxes Illuminate the City of Hangzhou -
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 Bus Shelter Lightbox  
- LED Smart Streetlights Pave the Way for a Green and Smart Asian Games -
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The lamp poles integrate smart scene applications and intelligent LED pole screens. This new road breaks free from traditional lighting limitations, serving as an intelligent information carrier. It utilizes 5G micro-stations, accompanied by smart lighting, video surveillance, IP broadcasting, and more, creating an unmatched experience.
- Large Format Banners Enhance the City's Vibrancy -
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- Metal Signage as Souvenir and Medal -
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A set of commemorative coins is displayed at a licensed retail store in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. (Left)
The Asian Games medals have been named Shan Shui, which translates to “lake and mountain.” The medal design comprises a round medal in a square jade, resembling the ceremonial jade cong, an ancient Chinese vessel from the Liangzhu culture. (Right)
- Other Advertising Forms -
The 19th Asian Games Mascot Badge
Mascot Three-Dimensional Model
Themed T-Shirt
 LED display, AR, naked-eye 3D, AI, and more  
- LED Displays Illuminate Multiple 2023 Asian Games Venues -
Huanglong Sports Centre Gymnasium
Photoelectric LED Glass at Wenzhou Dragon Boat Center
- LED Naked-Eye 3D Blockbuster Creates Immersive Experience -
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The naked-eye 3D video of Hangzhou Asian Games mascots is divided into 4 scenes, all of which are designed with 3D animation effects. The scene where the three mascots leap out of the screen eventually gives the audience an immersive experience.
- Holographic display Windows Elevate Onboard Modernity and Technology -
Experience the magic of transparent train windows that transform into "magic mirrors," providing a captivating way to enjoy both the scenic views outside and access the subway route map.
- Holographic display Windows Elevate Onboard Modernity and Technology -
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The electronic screen seamlessly blends the scenic Jiangnan landscape into its top design, offering a stunning 360-degree panoramic view that reflects its advanced technology. The screen displays eye-catching Asian Games posters and videos, sometimes transforming into an enchanting "electronic fish tank" to enhance the street atmosphere.

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