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Lighting is an excellent, and necessary addition to signage, especially for outdoor signs in open spaces. From billboards to storefront signs, achieving the perfect glow requires the right intensity and color balance. Explore SIGN CHINA 2024 for a diverse range of lighting solutions, ensuring your signage remains captivating in different environments!


From 19th to 21st September

Shanghai New International Expo Center

SIGN CHINA exhibitor showroom is

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Hall W1, Booth C09 ▷Website

Milk Tea Shop Lighting Design

Hall W1, Booth C18 ▷Website

LED Rigid Bar for Storefront Sign

Hall W1, Booth C36 ▷Website

LED Module for Storefront Sign

Hall W1, Booth C42 ▷Website

LED for Waterproof Channel Letter

Hall W1, Booth C52

Signs in Different Color Temperatures

Hall W1, Booth C47 ▷Website

LED Lightbox Lighting

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LED Module & Power Supply

Hall W1, Booth A13 ▷Website

RGB LED Module

Hall W1, Booth D51 ▷Website

120V LED Module

Hall W1, Booth A28 ▷Website

Back Light LED Modules

Hall W1, Booth B52 ▷Website

LED Injection Module

Hall W1, Booth B48 ▷Website

Indoor Power Supplies

Hall W3, Booth B37

LED Power Supply

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19-21 September, SIGN CHINA 2024

Shanghai New International Expo Centre

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