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Exhibitor Name:Weihai Wisezone Outdoor Equipment Co., Ltd.
WISEZONE is one of the leading manufacturers of carbon composite beach flagpole, flying banner poles and others outdoor equipment in China with 16 years history and now own over 10 patents. Standard maker for industry items. Each year has new items to launch to market. We have a experienced and professional team to produce high-quality goods in short time and able to do quick shipping. What’s more, for urgent order overseas warehouse is available.
What’s New for 2021 Show
▋▎1.Flying Banner Pole
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The flag pole is made of carbon composite material, light weight, flexible and strong. We have tested our pole with 160km/h wind. 3 years warranty to our pole.
Sizes available from 1.6m to 7.0m.
Rotatory system on the base allow the flag flying free in the wind, ultimate way for advertising.
Teardrop, feather and rectangular shape can share the same pole set, patent design for 4in1 idea.
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A. The plastic backpack is our patent product. More than 14 flag shapes share 1 same backpack.
B. The pole is made of Carbon Composite fiber. 3 years warranty to all our poles. The weight is light and strength is high. The connection elastic cord between poles can effectively prevent pole's loss.
C. The backpack is made of HDPE raw material, the weight is reduced and waterproof is increased. Posting LOGO on surface is ok.
D. Special design of waist buckle makes the backpack more stable when carrying.
E. As an outdoor advertisement, it is enough lightweight, easy to carry, and 120cm * 50cm display area, which has a good advertising effect.
▋▎3.Clip Banner
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A. The clip banner is our company's patented product.
B. There is foam inside the clip, which acts as a buffer and reinforcement, and the maximum diameter of the clip mouth is 6cm.
C. The horn fixture makes pole turn very well in wind.
D. The pole is made from carbon composite, which has a high strength and not easy to break. We offer 3 years warranty.
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