Basic Information

Traditional signage sector gathers equipment and product from both upstream and downstream. Showcase the equipment for signage making and shaping, including engraving machine, cutting tool and spare parts, cutting plotter, bending machine and blister machine. At the same time, plate, glue, coated paper and finished products apply to signage manufacturing and application cases will be displayed as well.

Exhibition Range

● laser engraver, fiber laser cutter, fiber laser marking machine, engraving tools and accessories
● Bending machine, cutting plotter, slotting machine, polishing machine, blister machine, 3D printer
● Traditional signage product
● plate, processing equipment, product, glue, coated paper of acrylic
● PVC foam board, Aluminum-plastic composite panel, KT board and other advertising panel materials
● Resin luminous letter, channel letter, neon signs and other luminous products

Application Field

● Mall Display Design

● Mall Guidance

● Real State

● Medical Institution

● Industrial Park

● Catering Shop Decoration

● Gift Design

● Hotel & Club

● Education System

● Interior Design

● Shop Fitting

● Art & Museum

● Enterprise and Public Institution

● Branding Event

● City Traffic System

● Tourist Attractions

● Urban Construction


Leading Brands

Industrial News

SIGN CHINA 2020 Shanghai show, Same as Scheduled !


    In the first half of 2020, many exhibitions around the world have been canceled or postponed affected by COVID-19. Even if some open as scheduled, without the full participation of China’s exhibitors, the diversity of exhibits might decrease. However, we are confirmed to announce that SIGN CHINA 2020 will be held as scheduled […]

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