Why Visit

Why SIGN CHINA 2021 will be the solution at post pandemic period?


A Complete Supply Chain of Global Sign and Advertising Industry

SIGN CHINA 2021 Shanghai covers the whole chain of sign industry, which contain indoor and outdoor wide format printing, digital inkjet printer, accessories, laser engraver, fiber laser cutter, lightbox, display, sign, digital signage, high-end LED display and LED lighting etc.
With wide range and comprehensive exhibits.
All exhibitors together will be able to provide application solutions for commercial retail, exhibition display, security, landscape lighting, stage design, large-scale activities, intelligent conference, venue construction, architectural decoration, sports events and advertising media.

Except for Wide Range of Exhibits, What’s Special for SIGN CHINA 2021?

We have set up Global Leading Brands Venue for you, which gather brands with more than 10 years history, stable quality and complete product category. You could easily find experienced and reliable supplier without complicated background research.

Partial Leading Brands of SIGN CHINA 2021


SIGN CHINA Live Online Platform Provide more Possibilities at Post Pandemic Period

Invested by Informa Markets Trust, SIGN CHINA Live is the first B2B online webcast platform. During the 3 days show, SIGN CHINA Live attracted 71,712 online visitors from 97 countries and regions to watch webcast and souring online.
As a strong support to physical show, SIGN CHINA Live provide free access to online webcast video, instant message, online video call and so on. SIGN CHINA Live will be one of the most important platform to normalize international communication at post pandemic period.
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Intelligent Sharing with the industrial experts at Future Sign Academy

Future Sign Academy (FSA)、innovation theatre and all kind of theme summit is a good chance to share ideas with those leaders of leading organizations in the industry. For those who can not visit in person, FSA will be webcast at SIGN CHINA Live platform, you could access it anytime and anywhere.