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Consider these aspects when designing a real estate signage system

03.01.2020 22:36

With the rapid development of the city, more and more people have begun to flood into the city, which has made the real estate industry prosperous. As one of the supporting facilities, the real estate identification system is gradually being valued. It not only provides people with guidance services, but also reflects the image of real estate companies.
Ordinary residential signage systems and the overall environment of the residential area are interdependent. The signboard is not just a sign or an arrow. It is not simply a horizontal and vertical. It is not only a work of art that is pleasing to the eye or emotional humanistic ideas and geometric figures. It is a whole integrated with architecture and landscape.
The property signboard reflects the characteristics and positioning of the real estate project. It pays attention to the coordination and coordination with the overall environment, so that the signboard is integrated into the surrounding environment, which not only achieves the role of guidance and identification, but also adds color to the environment. To this end, The planning and design of the signage system should start with investigating the geographical environment of the community and the trend of building characteristics. Planning and designing a matching signing system should reflect the humanized quality of high-end residential properties.
The property identification system reflects the basic characteristics of developers and property management companies. The design style and production system of the signage can reflect the development concept of the operator, establish a corporate culture, enhance the value of the enterprise and the property, establish a sense of pride in the enterprise, and a sense of homeownership.
The identification system is very important for real estate companies. Specifically, the real estate identification system mainly includes the following parts:
1. Guided class
It mainly refers to signs that guide people and helps people find directions, including road signs inside and real estate street signs, such as building guidance signs, building numbers, and floor numbers.
2. Commentary
It is mainly the overall plan and index of the enterprise, which are used for guidance and explanation.
3. Image class
It is mainly used to display the image logo of the entire project of the real estate company, such as the logo of the entrance, which can best represent the image of the enterprise.
4. Service class
Refers to the identification of public service facilities of real estate companies, such as the identification of parking lots and toilets.
5. Warning class
Generally plays a role of regulation and warning in dangerous areas of real estate companies, such as waterside and fire protection facilities.
6. Props
Identification of sales centers, model houses, floor plates, etc. for people to identify.
First of all, the designer should listen to the customer's requirements, combine the relevant information of the real estate company, make a good positioning, and communicate with the customer in a timely manner. If conditions permit, go to the scene to experience the atmosphere. Only when you are physically present can you stand Considering the perspective of the user, it may be possible to have new creative ideas to accurately identify the node location of the logo plan. Secondly, after understanding the specific situation, it is necessary to start the design of the first draft, and continue to optimize the logo system in accordance with customer requirements to make the logo system more Comprehensive and perfect; at the end of the customer's approval, choose the appropriate materials and processes to achieve the best design results, showing the image of the real estate company.
In addition, it is necessary to consider that the real estate logo is generally used for a long period of time, unlike temporary logos, which generally do not easily change position. Therefore, in the design phase of real estate logos, it is necessary to consider the longevity of the logo and fully improve the logo as much as possible.
When designing a logo company, various issues need to be considered. The designer should consider the feasibility of the logo system from the perspective of the audience based on customer requirements and customer budgets. Environmental atmosphere design, designing an ideal sign system.
In the current market, there are many signing companies. Real estate companies do not know the pros and cons of signing companies when choosing them. In fact, the choice of signing companies mainly depends on past project cases and scales, followed by service attitude. Reliable and trustworthy.
Source: Vientiane Sign