Why is the subway so fast, and can the light box ads outside the window be synchronized with the subway?

25.12.2019 22:22


Aisle light box: Located in the corridors of subway stations, in addition to the advantages of posters, its ultra-thin light box appearance and high-quality media image help the brand to enhance its reputation and effectively increase the consumption desire of past passengers.

Corridor light box corridor: It is distributed in several corridors with the most concentrated passengers. In the closed corridor, the advertisement has the opportunity to communicate with the target customers for a long time. The brand has such close personal media, which naturally makes passengers remember.

Platform Light box Promenade: The most creative sensational media. Advertisers buy out all the light boxes on the side of the subway track to create a strong atmosphere of exclusive display. Its shocking effect and noble status are unparalleled.


We all know that now when going out, in addition to buses and taxis, a more convenient means of transportation is the subway, but when we take the subway, we will find that almost every subway can see large and small posted ads on it In the subway tunnel outside the carriage, you can even see the existence of such a light box. However, we found that no matter how fast the subway is, these light box advertisements seem to be very clear, and some can even make continuous animations. It is reasonable to say that in subways traveling at high speeds, we can't see the outside scene clearly. , Everything will become an afterimage, and why can we still see the advertisements outside the car so clearly in the subway?



This is actually a principle of visual persistence of our body. In this case, we can often see the picture on a disc moving at high speed to form a complete image. These images that remain on our retinas eventually form a complete graphic, which has become the content to be expressed in these light box advertisements, and we know that it is only more convenient to put these posters in each light box advertisement. Things are much cheaper than putting a projector in these light boxes, so it is very popular with various manufacturers.



I believe that many friends will have this feeling when they read comics as a kid. If the characters in the comics quickly flip through the pages of the book, they will run in the comics, and the principles applied in these light box ads are the same. . There are some light box advertisements that belong to a single static graphic, so only when we stop gradually, can we see the content on the light box advertisements. This kind of light box advertisements are generally the cheapest, followed by continuous patterns. The light box advertisements in the subway tunnel constitute a dynamic scene that can make people see the same feeling as video advertisements, but in fact, they are single static graphics when viewed separately.



The reason why the light box advertisements with projection effects or auto-playing will not be placed in the tunnel is mainly because these advertisements are not only very costly, but also more troublesome than static advertisement cloths during maintenance. For example, static advertisements do not only need to remove the problematic light box individually. At the same time, because they only have the light box's tubes and no electronic screen equipment, they are also very difficult to damage.


Next time you take a ride in the subway, you can pay attention to observe what kind of light box advertisements are flying from outside the tunnel. If there are such continuous screen advertisements, you can also feel it.


As a modern and special transportation advertising carrier, the subway has the characteristics of both ordinary outdoor transportation media and indoor POP and light box media. Its advantages are very obvious. However, on the one hand, the subway economy is in full swing, on the other hand, subway advertising seems to be a little creative.

From the perspective of advertisers, quite a few advertisers fail to fully realize the advantages of the subway. With the improvement of the economic level, more and more people will give priority to the subway when traveling.

From the perspective of advertising companies, subjectively, domestic advertising companies have low entry barriers, large numbers, and varying levels. Many advertising companies lack research on the media such as subways, so naturally they ca n’t put ads for customers; objectively, subways serve as An emerging media, its development process is relatively short, domestic advertising companies have not accumulated much experience in this area.

From the perspective of subway media's own operation, from focusing on technology to starting to focus on marketing, it is also a novice. Due to the special nature of subway operation and management, the advertisements on the platform need to avoid train operation and debugging when changing screens, which has caused some bias in the industry's response speed to subway media. It is considered to be less than other outdoor media such as bus bodies and outdoor shelters. Waiting slowly.

Source: Canned Knowledge