Hospital identification system looks for "signage sign" formal enterprise design

26.12.2019 21:19

The logo is a symbol of civilization and refers to the indication of public places. This place includes commercial places, non-profit public institutions, urban transportation, communities, and so on. If there is no complete signage and signage system, it means that the city's map system and road signage system are not perfect. It will take a lot of time to find an address. The hospital is a very special environment. A complete identification system will make people feel convenient and natural in use.
The hospital identification system is looking for a formal design of "identification signs". The design of the signage system is very important to go to the hospital. Originally, there were many people in the outpatient clinic. If you ca n’t find the area you want to visit as soon as possible, you will lead to disorder in the scene; The children would breathe their breath over the medical staff's head, thinking it would be scary. Therefore, the design of the hospital outpatient sign system must be well designed, and it must follow certain basic elements.
Basic elements:
Function one: The design of the hospital outpatient identification system is used to guide the way. All the design concepts must be carried out around this most basic and most critical standard.
Continuing: No matter where the patient is in the outpatient department of the hospital, the area where they want to come can be found according to the design of the signing system. The sign of the design of the signing system must not be broken or blank. Especially in areas such as “intersections”, it is important to set up a design of the sign system to inform patients where they can be reached from different directions.
Conspicuous: The hue, font style, size, location, etc. of the indicated direction. Make sure everyone can see it quickly.
Easy to understand: Whether it is text or images, it must be easy to understand to prevent ambiguity.
Accurate labeling: The information content of the labeling system design must be accurate, and the patient cannot be led to an incorrect orientation.
Robust: This is considered from the perspective of safety, and it is also conducive to saving maintenance costs.
Easy to clean up: There is a large number of outpatients in the hospital, and there is a high risk of infection. Therefore, the hardware configuration of the identification system design must be easy to clean up.
Project cost is effective: the cost of capital construction and its maintenance and replacement costs in the middle and later stages must be considered.
Perhaps the standard is only a broad standard for most hospital outpatients. Actually, each hospital outpatient clinic has different conditions, so it must be handled in accordance with the actual situation, so that it can design and conceive a powerful and personalized logo system design.
Independent innovation on plasmid vectors:
The design of the identification system must be a plasmid vector. Whether it is text or an image, it must be drawn on the plasmid vector to be displayed by everyone. Carrying out independent innovation on plasmid vectors can promote more and more diverse design of identification systems. There is no need to indicate the direction, and immediately write text and draw arrow symbols on plasmid vectors such as pavement, wall, and tree. Different directions of materials are used, such as acrylic plates, thick steel plates, and fabrics. After scientific research and discussion, some new materials can be tried. Use of new technology plasmid vectors, such as displays; these. Use some artistic designs, not just the direction of the eternal plate.
The use of the design system design color:
The use of color is very talkative, not only conspicuous, but also its harm to everyone's psychological state, you need to pay attention to harmony with the natural environment. On the other hand, colors can be used to distinguish departments and buildings. For some old hospital clinics, the continuity and inheritance of hue applications have already risen to the level of hospital culture. For new hospital outpatients, colors can also transmit a variety of information content, such as precise positioning of hospital outpatients and the purpose of medical services. For example, orange-yellow therefore means that the precise positioning of hospital outpatients is relatively high-end.
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