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How to choose advertising signs? These issues need attention

30.12.2019 22:38

1. Different materials
Different materials, billboard size, type, effect, material, process requirements are different, the price is also different; for example, the same pair of advertising signs, some people design is zinc and iron exposed luminous characters, others do Seiko characters, and some people design stainless steel light box characters, also do luminous characters, but the material price is certainly different. For another example, the zinc-iron punching characters, aluminum plate punching characters, and stainless steel baking characters have extremely similar appearance and luminous effects. The LED light sources are exactly the same, but the prices are also very different. The quality is also different. Zinc iron has a shorter life. It may lose paint or rust over time. The price is also the cheapest. Stainless steel is about the same weight as zinc iron, but stainless steel does not rust and has better long-term use. Of course, the price Will be much higher; punched aluminum plate, the lightest weight, will not rust, affordable, easy and fast installation and safer, is the first choice for making permanent luminous characters, such as large characters, billboards on the roof and large led signs, etc. .
2. Word size
On the same board, some advertising companies have designed solutions that are small and delicate, and some are designed to be large enough, and the size of the characters determines the price of this signboard. So when comparing prices, customers should pay more attention to whether the solution Consistent.
3. After sales service
Why the after-sales service may also determine the price of billboards. Some companies have perfect after-sales mechanisms. For example, our company has a relatively high cost performance. For large billboards, we generally have a two-year or higher warranty period. The signboard requirements are not high, so the warranty period will be lower, because the door sign requires not permanent use, it is more cost-effective, and tends to control investment costs. Therefore, for the door sign, we have a one-year warranty, and we promise to repair for 24 hours for all items. For on-site repairs (of course, there are regional restrictions), long-term maintenance is guaranteed, that is, outside the warranty period, you don't have to worry about repairs being left unattended, it's tomorrow, tomorrow, etc. As long as you have any problems with the signboard, we On-site repairs also charge only the cost of labor and materials. Therefore, we follow a cost-effective route. We will never insist on low-price trading to sacrifice quality assurance. We guarantee that customers enjoy quality and service while giving you the most satisfactory price.
4. Process requirements
Some customers will have the feeling, "How many small things, why are they so expensive?" In fact, in any business, you ca n’t use the thing itself to measure it, because the material itself is not valuable, and the cost of everything is the production process. , Manufacturing process and installation manual. The production process is complicated, the installation is difficult, and the price is very high. The high price must have his reason, and it cannot be directly considered a "pit."
5. Quality of light source
Today led products can be described as a wide variety, good and bad, the price of the light source is not the lowest but only lower, in such a fiercely competitive market environment, it is inevitable that black-hearted manufacturers will sell conscience products at a simple low price. I have encountered it myself. I will talk about the most real case, which happened to us. We have purchased a lot of cheap lamp beads once. After we installed it for our customers, it did n’t take long. Over 60% of the area is dead or dim. Obviously we realized that the fake was purchased. Since the LED of that manufacturer was also used for the first time at that time, our leader immediately arranged the construction team to dismantle the original signboard and replace the lamp. Of course, all the costs. We bear it ourselves and compensate our customers for any inconvenience caused by the use of the signboard, and pull the black suppliers into the procurement blacklist. Our sincerity is here. The 10-year business ethics tells us that we must do what is assured and do no harm to everyone who trusts us. Because we care about you, we value quality more than you.
6. Ease of installation
The ease of installation is well understood. For example, the cost of high-altitude construction is definitely higher than the installation of a shelf. The higher the building, the higher the price of high-altitude installation. The relatively difficult to install the project, the relative construction costs will be higher, so the ease of installation affects the price of the billboard, this is well understood.
Source: Mingxuan Advertisement