Production process of LED signs

02.01.2020 22:48

During the production process of LED signs for identification signs, the ratio of the pressure drop in the positive column area to the total pressure drop of the lamp tube should be increased as much as possible to improve the light efficiency.
In order to ignite the lamp smoothly and work stably at a lower voltage, a high-voltage transformer must be equipped and reasonably matched to save engineering costs.
Due to the use of alternating current, the two electrodes are alternately used as the cathode and anode, and the area distribution of their glow discharges also alternates in the sequence direction. Due to the human visual retention, you can see that the glow uniformly covers the entire lamp tube and emits light The effect is much better than using direct current. Therefore, the two electrodes should be as consistent as possible from the material to the processing.
Because the production of luminous characters is a vacuum electric light source, the entire production process needs to pay attention to vacuum hygiene. The materials and production are strictly in accordance with the technical requirements of electric vacuum, so as to ensure the quality.
1.Word processing
Text processing This is based on the production of blister characters. Designing the text can reduce the production workload. Design and modify the font of the blister characters. It is important to understand the principle of the engraving machine. Generally, the blister characters should pay attention to: The distance between the stroke and the stroke should be more than 4 mm, or wider. If the distance is too small, the engraving machine knife will not have an inner mold or an outer mold. Of course, if the font is small, the mold can be sucked. At the same time, pay attention to the characters. "R" angle. If the angle is too small, it must be trimmed into an arc angle, so that the font will not bulge or be uneven in the process of blistering. Also, pay attention to and be familiar with blistering when making the font of blistering. The error between the mold and the finished font after blistering, as long as you are proficient, can make a beautiful appearance of blistering characters and light boxes.
 2. Mold making
The usual method is that we use Wentai software to output the repaired text to the engraving machine and then engraving the MDF. The plastic mold must be smooth and smooth to make beautiful plastic characters without cutting corners to ensure one-time compression molding and reduce loss. As for the large-scale plastic character mold combinations, most of the plastic character molds are larger than the working board of the MDF or engraving machine, so they need to be combined, and must be accurately combined, and the combination of the finest strokes of the strokes should be selected as much as possible.
3. grinding
After nailing the mold of the plastic word, polish it well, be careful not to have sharp burrs and corners, so as not to damage the acrylic board; the temperature of the oven baking acrylic board must be uniform, and each type of pressure acrylic board is adapted to different Temperature, master the baking time, once the acrylic becomes soft, it can be compression molded, but the dust and sand must be blown clean before the mold is pulled out of the acrylic board to ensure that the mold surface is smooth; The palladium press of the blister machine starts up, otherwise it is easily deformed after being squeezed out at this time; for the compression molding of large acrylic light box boards, the blister panel must be laid flat on the ground after being taken out of the mold, otherwise it is extremely easy to deform.
4. Trim the edges
Blister molding, excess acrylic needs to be repaired and leveled. Now we use automatic trimmers, and it also has a good trimming knife, otherwise it is easy to repair the font, and we usually use Sichuan wood knives.
5.Install LED lights
The installation of lamps is not balanced. More wiring methods must be considered. The lighting effect of LED lights must be tested and the glass glue must be firmly connected. The wiring treatment should be reasonable; the circuit wires must be connected to prevent short circuits. The bottom box must be cleaned when installing the lamps. To avoid that the light and the bottom box are not firmly bonded, check that the light color is the same.
Source: Vientiane Sign