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Campus environment identification system

26.12.2019 20:59

1. Brief introduction of manufacturing industry
The school environment identification system, the key service project groups are college students and parents, and there are also views from outsiders. The campus city signage identification system software is a key component of the school environment and school culture. It assists the outside in the entire process of cognitive ability of the campus to gradually create a map of the campus's mental state. Baidu has a general impression of the campus.
2. Classification of campus identification system
The city's identification sign manufacturers include the classification rules of the campus identification system: according to the order of the psychological state of the person's cognitive ability, from the cognitive campus category to the campus, according to the document catalogue and a series of reference objects to describe At the station, the actual description is as follows:
① Building crowd identification
The larger the university's operating scale, the larger the variety and total number of buildings. The characteristics of the campus building crowd can immediately reflect the appearance of the university building; a good design plan of the ancient building group can become a key feature to identify the campus.
② Natural environment-oriented sign
That is, category identification, which mainly refers to campus road signs, buildings and other signs. According to the identification of the building crowd, the campus has a step-by-step image, and then a variety of natural environment-oriented signs must be followed to properly and specifically guide people to reach the arrival station quickly. The text-oriented logo crosses the barriers of different languages and facilitates communication and mastery among people in different countries.
③ node identification
The key is the open space of the campus's landmark buildings, key sculptures, small city squares with different operating scales, green space centers and football fields. There are two important points to fully play the role of node identification coordinates: one is that the node itself has a strong abstraction, and there is no need to use other marking information content to express its own internal function; the other is that it cannot exist in isolation. It depends on a certain kind of interior space solid line, that is, the interior space part is close to the house building and the road surface. Only then can it have practical significance and use value for reference.
④ sign
It is also considered as another reference coordinate in the whole process of campus cognitive ability, and it is also very practical and easy to distinguish. Because it belongs to the "spotted"sign. In addition, the logos are mostly located on the key nodes of the campus or on the center line of the indoor space, and have a leading effect on all campus indoor spaces.
3. Campus guidance system design standards
① Pay attention to the creation of learning atmosphere
Each university often has different cultural connotations, and the immediate manifestation is the school motto. Therefore, in the design scheme of the campus identification system, the university's learning atmosphere should be vigorously strengthened and harmonized with the school culture.
② People-oriented standards
The campus identification system is applied in the world, and "people-oriented" is its key design principle. This first stipulates that crowd building signs have a significant abstraction, and secondly, it ensures the detailed and standard guidance information content and pays great attention to the key points of the sign.
③ Continuity standards
"Persistence" is an overall rational measure for campus identification systems. The first is the continuity of the crowd's building logo. A continuous campus building image is produced in the memory of the helper; the second is the continuity of the guide mark. A unified and continuous guide mark can give the helper a comfortable mood; again, the node mark The continuity of the node, that is, under the reasonable layout of the same standard, the approximate direction of the next node can be guessed based on this node, which can also help the applicants with stronger cognitive ability on campus.
4. Select raw materials
The key raw materials for signage are:
Metal material, acrylic sheet, LED light source, hand engraving, screen printing ink. This depends on the actual effect that consumers want, and then select raw materials based on the real situation.