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How to choose a more cost-effective material for signage?

01.01.2020 22:32

Many people in sign making will pay more attention to the aspect of sign design and ignore the choice of materials. In fact, the difference in materials will not only affect the life of the sign, but also show different era styles and different ideas. Today we come to understand the precautions for selecting materials when making signs.
The logo design is ultimately for information transmission and visual communication. Therefore, in the selection of materials, the visual effect and the concept of performance must be considered. Many designers may not pay attention to the visual effect. In fact, this is very important. The visual effect is guaranteed on the basis of conveying the information, so that the sign itself can be more meaningful, and it can even be used in the future. Therefore, when you need to express traditional culture and simple and natural style, you need to consider using some materials that are easy to express style, such as wood and stone; if you want to be new and unique, you can consider acrylic board, glass fiber reinforced plastic, aluminum-plastic board, etc.
Of course, the choice of sign design and production should still be considered from the perspective of the customer, and it should not be too blind to pursue visual effects and ignore the customer's tolerance. Imagine that you have designed a small and wild scheme, but the client does not need it, or it exceeds the expected capital investment after class, then this is not a successful design. Successful sign making is to design the best sign within the client's budget.
Different customers ’signage may have different usage sites. Generally speaking, this use environment is classified as indoor or outdoor, and it will be exposed to wind and sun when it is used outdoors. Therefore, we must fully consider these conditions when designing and selecting . Some signs need to be used for a long time, so you must also pay attention to the service life of the material. Choosing the wrong material will cause loss to the customer, and it will also cause trouble to after-sales maintenance.
It can be seen that the choice of material for signage production is not only related to the visual effects of the signage, but also to the subsequent use of the signage production, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate material according to the actual situation.
 The price of raw materials for the production of identification signs is determined by its essential attributes. Which materials can be selected to meet their needs and reduce costs? The basic purpose of identification signs is to convey their information through human vision. Therefore, when selecting materials, we must first consider human visual perception. Generally, raw materials such as wood and stone are mostly used to express traditional culture and remind them of their natural simplicity. Style; signs should highlight the atmosphere of the times, personality is new and unique, often consider using acrylic board, glass fiber reinforced plastic, aluminum-plastic board, PVC board, sunlight board, Fron board and so on.
Secondly, considering the usability of materials, although some materials meet people's visual requirements, they have complex structures and are difficult to process. Therefore, under the circumstances that it is impossible to determine whether the material structure is reasonable and can withstand external pressure, construction must not be carried out, so as to avoid the hidden safety hazards and the trouble of subsequent maintenance.
 The service life of different materials is different. Some signage raw materials have a short lifespan and can only be used in a short period of time. They are suitable for temporary labeling. Ordinary materials can basically be met. In addition to fully considering the visual effects and the cost of use, you should also pay attention to the service life, and choose according to the different requirements of customers to avoid losses to customers due to the selection of materials, and also bring trouble to future after-sales maintenance.
The best service, while maintaining the quality of the product, should be considered from the perspective of the user. Don't neglect the economic endurance of customers, and only focus on the effect of the signage, which leads to excessive costs and users will not adopt it. Don't blindly agree with user requirements, resulting in frequent maintenance in the later period, causing excessive maintenance costs, and putting great pressure on the after-sales department.
Source: Vientiane Sign