Maintenance of laser engraving machine mirror

28.12.2019 22:37

As we all know, laser engraving machine is an indispensable part of the production equipment of advertising signs, and today's article mainly introduces the indispensable part of laser engraving machine-mirror.
The laser engraving machine can improve the efficiency of engraving, make the surface of the engraved place smooth and round, quickly reduce the temperature of the non-metallic material being engraved, reduce the deformation and internal stress of the engraved object; it can be divided into CO2 Metal laser engraving machine and optical fiber metal engraving machine. Co2 non-metal laser engraving machines generally use glass laser tubes in China, and some high-end laser engraving machines use co2 metal radio frequency tubes.
Laser engraving machine, as its name implies, is both an advanced device for engraving materials that need to be engraved using lasers. Laser engraving machine is different from mechanical engraving machine and other traditional manual engraving methods. Mechanical engraving machine uses mechanical means, such as diamond and other materials with high hardness to sculpt other things. The laser engraving machine uses the thermal energy of the laser to engrav the material. The laser in the laser engraving machine is the core.
Generally speaking, the laser engraving machine is more widely used, and has higher engraving accuracy and faster engraving speed. And compared with the traditional manual engraving method, laser engraving can also make the engraving effect very delicate, no less than the level of manual engraving technology. It is precisely because laser engraving machines have so many advantages, that the application of laser engraving machines has gradually replaced traditional engraving equipment and methods. Become the main carving equipment. Experienced laser engraving machine operators know that after a long period of work, the laser engraving machine's mirror will be polluted by the smoke and dust generated during processing, which will greatly reduce the reflectivity and affect the laser output. At this time, we need to maintain the mirror of the laser engraving machine to ensure the output of the laser and the effect of the engraving machine, and to achieve the purpose of extending the life of the equipment.
Laser engraving machines can be roughly divided into: non-metal laser engraving machines and metal laser engraving machines.
The open work platform facilitates the placement of processing materials and can cooperate with the assembly line to meet the processing of large-format materials. At the same time, the large-scale honeycomb platform, blade platform and partial lifting platform make this laser machine not only suitable for large-scale on-site processing industries, such as: shoe industry, clothing industry, advertising industry, etc. The needs of small industries such as the product industry. Equipped with auto focus, red light positioning and other functions, this machine is perfect and its functions are maximized. Really achieve multi-function and multi-purpose, save time and efficiency. The optical path part adopts a hybrid optical path, which has a high utilization rate of light energy; the optical path is fully enclosed and has strong safety performance. Its control system uses a unique intelligent prediction algorithm and an improved control algorithm to ensure high-speed processing, stable and efficient operation speed, laser energy adjustable in real time, which greatly facilitates the operation of customers. And it has a built-in 128M (up to 1G), which can store 99 files at the same time and supports a permanent file storage area that supports power-off data storage. Third, the automatic compensation function of high-power cutting energy greatly improves the cutting effect. In short, this model truly achieves a wide range of processing fabrics, smooth cuts without flashing, automatic closing, no deformation, and graphics can be freely designed by the computer.
The following are the maintenance methods and precautions of the laser engraving machine mirror:
The mirror should be cleaned with a special lens cleaning solution and carefully wiped with absorbent cotton. Take care to avoid scratching the mirror surface with sharp objects. The workpiece on the lower surface of the focusing lens of the focusing lens may also be contaminated with volatiles. When it is contaminated, it will also greatly affect the output of the laser. Care must be taken to handle smoke and air blowing protection to avoid contamination of the focusing lens. If the contamination is carefully cleaned, the following methods can be taken:
1. Remove the inflatable tube, pressure ring and protective sleeve, and carefully remove the focusing lens.
2. Use a hair dryer to blow dust off the focusing lens from the surface.
3. Use tweezers to carefully wipe the cotton ball with alcohol or special lens cleaner and wipe it gently from the inside to the outside in one direction, once each until the dirt is removed, so replace the cotton ball.
However, we must pay attention that during the cleaning of the mirror, do not rub it back and forth, to ensure that the mirror surface cannot be scratched by sharp objects, the surface of the lens is coated with anti-reflection coating, and the damage of the film layer will greatly affect the laser energy output and engraving. effect.
Source: Superstar CNC